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How do we make sense of our rapidly changing world? God’s Word has the answers! It offers us an unbiased commentary on the news, revealing God’s perspective and telling us what is yet to come.

Bible Optics uses Scripture as a lens to shed light on current events. Each live study and monthly newsletter will give you crucial understanding of present truth and its application to today.

Current Bible Optics Newsletter

May 2021

God’s judgment can seem like a scary thing. Yet the Bible reveals another side to the judgment--a side that reassures our hearts and gives us peace. God judges for the protection and redemption of His children. He’s not out to get us. He’s out to save us!

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Past Bible Optics Newsletter

April 2021

A renewed interest in Bible prophecy in the early 1800s led people around the world to the conclusion that Jesus would return to this earth in or around 1844. Jesus didn’t come then, but they were correct in believing that something momentous would happen then. It wasn’t what they had at first believed, but it is a truth that affects every one of us today. Learn what it was in the April issue of Bible Optics.

March 2021

What Jesus has been doing in heaven since His ascension? The Bible gives us insights through a surprising source--the Old Testament sanctuary. Learn what Jesus is doing in our Father's house and how it affects us here today. Plus, discover the difference between being a consumer and a producer, learn how to receive the Holy Spirit, and how to effectively apply God's Word to your life.

February 2021

Have you ever felt that your spiritual walk was lifeless; reading the Bible meaningless? If so, you need the remedy Jesus proscribed in Matthew 25 - the gift of the Holy Spirit. Discover what it looks like to be filled with the Holy Spirit. You'll also learn why the Holy Spirit is so important in our spiritual lives and what really happened at Pentecost in the February issue of Bible Optics.